Saturday, August 4, 2012

How a Kitten Changed My Life

This is Jubilee.  She was a gift from my doctor yesterday as a 24/7 working animal, to help my depression and social anxiety.  She's approximately 5 weeks old, at least - which is VERY young.  I often get very angry when I see people give kittens away this young.  However; because she will be with me every day, and going places like shopping centers - she needs a lot of training.  Start them young.

Right now, she's having a nap on the couch, while Edgar - my Siamese cross - is watching from the boot room.  I've had her for 24 hours now, and she's already changing my life.

I smoke.  A lot.  When I have her in my arms, and with how tiny she is - I refuse to smoke with her.  If I really need one, I put her down or in her kennel to keep her out of trouble.  I won't smoke inside, and been using the patio.

She is absolutely beautiful,  a big M on her forehead, and two black eye liner stripes.  Her nose is bright pink and a little black, and her eyes aren't fully changed yet.  I'm taking a guess and saying that they're going to change green.  She's very small, about the size of my hand, adventurous and very brave.  She LOVES car rides, and perches up on my shoulder like a parrot, watching the world go by.  Loud noises, music, bumps - nothing fazes her.  Even coming across a 25 pound cat, and a monster of a dog?  Pssh, no fear at all. 

My friend who I spent the day and night with, has a 60 pound Blue Heeler/Husky, and neither of them paid any mind.  Charlie, the dog, followed her around like she was a puppy, and keeping her in my boundry zone.  Poor dog, he wanted to stay upstairs with me and Jubilee, but like any baby, she was waking up every few hours and chewing on his ears.  He eventually went downstairs to get some actual sleep.  I wasn't so lucky.

I've been keeping track of her eating, drinking, sleeping and bathroom breaks.  My ideal goal is to potty train her using a very special method.

Take a plastic shopping bag.
Put 1 cup of cat litter
Put her in the bag (SAFELY!!!!) and try to get her to use it.

Eventually what this will mean, when she's out in public, she can let me know she needs to go outside, I put a already made bag on the ground, she uses it - I pick it up and throw it away.

If this works, it will be a huge success story.

This cat is saving my life.  She's given me such purpose.  This blog is devoted to her, and her life with me.  I ask that you join me, and if you can spare anything - please donate to help me pay for her vet bills.  I want to have her spayed when she's around 6 months old, as well as make a donation pot for Pups Behind Bars.  More about that in a different blog.

There will be small updates daily, and articles about her life, and her story frequently.  I encourage you to follow me, and help me create awareness for this special niche in the Working Animal industry.

I found my cure.


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