Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bright Story of the Day

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Edgar and Jubileen.

I couldn't keep her in the kennel last night.  I felt horrible, I know she's a cat, but even Edgar doesn't sleep totally alone either.  She's so small, I wanted her there for the night to keep her safe.  I didn't want to hurt her by accident if I rolled around in bed, and the house isn't kitten proofed completely yet.  Instead, I came up with a brilliant plan. 

Rather simple actually.  Our heater's run along the wall, and were the perfect height to wedge the laundry basket between the wall and the bed, without worry of slipping.  So, that's what I did.  I put the clothes I wore yesterday to make it a bed, and she slept there all night beside me.  It was a perfect, and Edgar could sleep in peace knowing where she was.

Safe, secure and close by, she slept the entire night.  Edgar tried to pry the gate open to let her out, and was crying horribly when she was in her crate - hence the other reason why I needed a better plan.  After the laundry basket, he was perfect.  This morning, he actually wanted to play with her.

It was comical really.  Eddie is about 20 pounds, give or take.  He's not fat, he's just... huge.  Jubie, as she's being called, is maybe a pound.  I'm still astounded at how gentle he is with her.  Even when annoyed, his swats were merely tender corrections.  Last night, he cleaned her bum after using the kitty box.

Edgar goes for walks roughly once every other day, more or less depending on weather.  Took him out last night, and he was calm and enjoying the cool grass of the evening.  He didn't want to stay out for long though, which is very unusual for him.

These were taken last week I believe, and he's a very handsome ticked-red tabby.  His mother was a pure-bred Siamese, and his father was a stray.  He is the perfect mix of the two.  After his walk, I carried him up the stairs (they're meant for really muddy boots, and very harsh on small paws) and the first thing he did was go straight for Jubie and start grooming her.

Whenever Jubie goes into a different room, he lays on the other side, watching her contently.  Edgar, like most Siamese, is a guard cat.  I once left the door open, and instead of running out - he snarled at anyone who went past the door for 5 hours.  People who come in, are usually met with a quick sniff, maybe a scratch behind the ear, and he lays down where he can see them, but they can't reach him.  New people are told not to rush up to him, and only pet him if he approaches you.  He's not fat, he's just HUGE, and he has bitten someone who didn't listen.

Bringing home Jubie was a big risk.  We didn't know how he would feel about this kitten, but our fears were met with a truth of a fairy tale.  Not one hiss, not one spit.  Cautious, yes - but not at all threatening.  I refuse to leave them home unattended, but not for the same reason as before.  Now it's just I don't want her getting into something she can't get out of.

Edgar has proven me so wrong about male cats.  He has been fixed since he her size (a girl bought him at Petland 3 year's ago, and they fixed the kittens at roughly 8 weeks old), and he's treating her like his own.  I managed to snag this picture when I put her in his 'bed' for an afternoon nap today.

He didn't stay very long, but long enough for me to grab my camera, and take a few photo's.  We can't use that drawer for clothes since we moved here last year, he's since claimed it as his bed.  For him to be willing to share, even if it was only a few moments - was tear jerking at his ability to accept his new friend.

They greet nose-to-nose and act like they've known each other for years.  Edgar will always have a place in my heart, and  I plan on making sure that this union isn't broken.

This was my happy story of the day.

Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about you and your precious fur babies, and how they've made you smile today.

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