Friday, August 10, 2012

Blogging - Harder than it seems

Blogging Short-Forms

Mmmmk.  I sorta fail at this, so I'm gonna do it this way, while I get everything organized.  By the way, doesn't she look tiny in that chair?

  • My Recipe (First time I've ever cooked chicken, and used a barbecue.  Recipe and pictures)
  • Jubilee and Charlie (a story about two friends)
  • Jubilee and Edgar (Edgar finally has a playmate)
  • My mental health (New pills, are they working?)
  • Cleaning House (Why something as simple as cleaning, turns me crazy)
  • Jubilee Out in Public (She now has paper work!)
  • Jubilee At the Vet (Too Young for Shots)

These stories are all what happened this week, and will be posted and finished by Sunday.  

My Recipe (complete)

  • Why I decided to cook the chicken breasts for my friends
  • Rough ingredients that I used
  • How I cooked it using seasoned boiling water, then barbecue
  • Pictures of the process
  • The amazing thing about Krafts salad dressing
  • My dads words of wisdom 'You can turn any meal into gourmet by knowing how to use spices correctly'
  • Why I'm so proud  I made it by myself. (IE. lesson I learned)

Jubilee and Charlie

  •  60 pound Australian Cattle Dog/Alaskan Husky Cross vs. 1.1 pound kitten
  • Friendship Made in Heaven
  • Short video clip of them playing
  • Charlie the Gentle Giant

Jubilee and Edgar

  •  Gentle Siamese
  • How They Play
  • No Longer Being Attacked By Edgar!
  • Best Friends

My Mental Health

  •  Lesson Of the Week
  • New Medications
  • Improving but Behind
  • How Jubilee is Changing my Life
  • Where I need Improvement
  • The Fact I'm Improving!

Out In Public

  • Jubilee Ms. Popular
  • Learning How To Stay In The Bag
  • Public Relations
  • Miss Puffy Poof (Getting her used to other animals)
  • My Parrot
Jubilee's First Visit to the Vet
  • Why I chose Bear Creek Animal Clinic
  • Too Young for Shots
  • DeWormed
  • Dr. Lee
This is only a form to help me keep track of what happened this week, so I can write about them.  I know it's going to be a lot of posts, and perhaps - this might work best for me.  I think this is a good way to keep me busy on Friday evenings when Chris goes to DnD.

Please feel free to leave comments, helpful tips and well wishes.  Thank you.

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