Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Letter I Wrote for GPRC

This letter was written to the Grande Prairie Regional College, in hopes that when I go to school next year, Jubilee can accompany me.

My name is Tanis (Wuttunee-Belleau) Fraysse.

I plan on going to school next year to upgrade some of my subjects, but I have an unusual request.

My doctor prescribed me a therapy animal in August this year, a 5 week old kitten.  I've been training her as a companion therapy animal since, and she's been phenomenal.  She's been out with the public, busy streets and businesses, lots of people and she's extremely mellow and behaved.  She's very quiet, doesn't meow, doesn't jump up on people or things, and is being trained to lie down and have a nap when I'm busy.

You're probably wondering why I have therapy animal to start with.

I have Acute High Risk Depression, adult ADHD, and severe social anxiety.  I've been diagnosed for about 8 years, and at 25, it's still difficult to manage - even with medications. I had a dog, Logan for about 10 years, and he recently passed away.  I trained him in less than a year, when he was about 3-5 years old to be a full time companion.  I got him at a garage sale, and was supposedly impossible to train. He was a Llasa Apso mix, and they're very independent.

My doctor who knew Logan, had the idea of giving me another animal.  He wanted me to have a dog, but the place I live only allows cats.  He called me to the office and presented Jubilee, along with a prescription to help allow her into non-pet friendly stores, like the grocers.  He figured if I could train my dog, I could train a cat.

It's only been 4 months, but I'm proud to say that I'm doing it.

There are a few concerns and details I feel is important to bring up though.

1. The Government will not recognize her as a true working animal.  The Working Dog Act is just that - dogs only.  There is no regulation for other animals to be recognized, and I cannot legally claim she's a working animal.

She is a therapy animal, and while she has some rights, at anytime she can be refused, and if someone says no, I have to abide. This is the main reason why I'm writing this.

2. Allergies.

More people are allergic to cats, than to dogs - and I understand that the college is full of people with allergies.  I brush her every day, and give her a bath at least twice a month (washing her even once a week can damage her skin and coat).

I do have her trained to travel and stay in a carrier, but I would prefer her to be on my shoulder when traveling through the halls.  There's a few reasons for this, the main being that people - despite starring at me - will often smile, laugh, and give me more space to move freely.  She gives me confidence to talk to strangers, answering questions about her, and generally making me more at ease, rather than nervous. People are less likely to accidentally touch me - which sends me into a panic attack almost immediately.  It also frees up my arms and hands for carrying around essential items.  She will be in her carrier when in the canteen, to avoid contamination.

3. General Hygiene. (Where will she do her business?)

I'm figuring this one out.  I would love to potty train her to use the toilet.  She's completely cat-boxed trained, and so far as refused to go anywhere else.  What I might end up doing is setting up a 'portable' cat box, outside - and getting her used to going outside there when not at home.  The other thing I was thinking about, was possibly setting up a cat box in a bathroom that was easily accessible during the day.  It would then be my full responsibility to make sure it's always clean and disposed of properly every time she used it.

4. Behaviour - Will she be a distraction to me and other students?

Like any situation where there's a working/therapy animal, people often become distracted by them - want to touch them - ask questions, and so on. Then, there's the animal itself.  Will she be moving around, will she meow, jump up on people, hiss and scratch? For the most part - she hasn't so far. Jubilee has the personality of a working Labrador.  At home, she's a cat.  She doesn't come when called, she gets into mischief like a kitten would, and is generally 'untrained.'  Outside, especially on my shoulder - she's incredible.

I've taken her to appointments, different shops, parades even the terrifying 'Vegas Night' downtown. (Which btw, was as much of a test for me as it was for her.)  She's not bothered by crowds, and has so far shown no signs of looking for attention else where.  She's very quiet, rarely meowing even at home, and extremely laid back.  She wants nothing more than to sleep.

I've also learned to ignore her when I'm busy, and not letting her on my lap at the computer unless I pick her up and put her there.  This way she doesn't develop the habit of jumping on me or others during classes or what have you.

5. Am I prepared to hear a No?

Honestly, no I'm not.  I'm actually quite terrified at that prospect, because going to school would almost be impossible.  While I could do most of my upgrading at home, I would prefer to study at the college, just so that I could get the help if I needed it.  It would also mean I had an actual reason to socialize, and possibly make friends.  I've never been really able to do that.

6. What do I plan on taking?  What path am I looking at?

My main upgrading I want to do is my Math and Sciences.  Math 30 pure, Chem, Physics and Bio 30 and Computer Sciences.

After years of looking for a career that I think would suit my needs - Data Analyst seems to fit the bill.  Working with numbers, computer programming, organization, and not working with the general public.

What I really want to do, is be part of something to be proud of.  I'm not interested in business and accounting - I am interested in scientific studies. This career is the only one that gives me potential to fulfill my life-long goals.

Working with math (I love math.)
Being an essential part of a research team, without being in the spotlight.
Having a desk job that avoids public attention
Working on a computer, creating and using various programs (I built my first computer at 13, and my first website shortly after using only HTML. 1998)
Having a lot of opportunity and options.

I've searched for so long to have something to strive for, to finally follow a dream.  I've taught myself calculus in two months (basic yes, but still...).  I don't want to be looked after for the rest of my life.  I don't want my disease to be the end point of all there is.  Jubilee has given me something to strive for.  She gave me hope, and confidence that if I could go to Vegas Night, alone, after dark - and not have a panic attack, I can do anything with her at my side.

The fact that I'm training a cat - is one huge hurdle, to have trained a cat that allows me to walk in public, and not be afraid?  That's one impossible thing I've already done.  I want to do more!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smoked Bone In Chicken Breasts


Sorry, had to make that part clear.  No, I'm not a cook.  I like cooking, but I rarely make anything other than taco's and spaghetti.  The reason why I made this, and why I'm sharing it is because I wanted to do something special for my friends.

Friend of mine helped me go grocery shopping, and we bought bone-in chicken breasts.  I didn't portion them out like I should have done, and 5 large breasts are difficult to consume with just me and Chris at home.  So, I asked if I could cook up Anne and Kevin supper with them.

The first thing I had to figure out was... how the hell do I cook it?  I've never cooked chicken breasts before, never mind bone-in skin on.  So the first thing I did, is what Kevin suggested.  Boil them!

EWWW, was my first thought, but I knew at least then they'd be cooked.  So, I put a big pot of water, and made a stock basically.  Their spice cabinet was a dream.

My dad always told me 'you can turn any meal into gourmet by knowing how to use spices.'  I'm very good at judging tastes, so I put a bit of spices and herbs in the pot with the chicken, and boiled them for about 45 minutes, to make sure they were fully cooked.

While that was going, I made this.

This is a basic rub my dad taught me how to make.  Using the same herbs as I put in the stock, this is more of a very concentrated seasoning.  Basically everything from garlic and onion powder, to oregano, parsely, rosemary and so on.  I then added just enough olive oil to turn it into a paste.  You don't want it too thick or too thin.

I found it lacking in serious flavour, and I found this in their fridge.  I added probably a tablespoon or so, and holy crap did that turn up the flavour!  This was incredible to mix with it!

After about 45 minutes, check to make sure they're completely cooked through to the bone.  If you have a thermometer, it should read about 77C (about 170F).  This is important, it's why I boiled them first.  Don't worry about it losing flavour, if you seasoned the water correctly, they're delicious as is.  However; I wanted to make this a SPECIAL meal for them.

I had to let them cool for about 10 minutes, just enough they wouldn't burn to the touch.  They still had the skin, so I wanted to make sure some of that paste I made got right under it.  After seasoning, fire up the BBQ, and while it's heating up, let the chicken sit.
It should be noted I've never used a barbecue before.  Kevin was nice enough to set it up for me.  You're not cooking the chicken, it's already cooked.  All you want to do is rotate them every 5 minutes to get a nice brown colour all around, and really get the flavours to come out more.  This worked fantastic.

Over all, this supper was a success.  I'll be making it again, and next time I'll get the ingredient list on it.  Really, as long as you have some basic spices and roughly understand how much to use, this is a snap to make.

Took about an hour total to cook, but clean up was a breeze, I only used a few dishes, and managed to clean up as I went along.  Hope you enjoy.

BTW, it was delicious, I surprised the heck out of myself.  I'm very proud to have made this.

I learned something though.  This was the first time I actually did something completely on my own.  Kevin merely showed me where things were, everything else I figured out.  I know that seems like a stupid concept, especially at my age - but I've been hand-held my entire life.  It gave me confidence and made me feel that I'm actually getting better.  I don't need guidance or help nearly as much as I thought.  It's a small break through, not huge, but I'm getting better.  Slowly I'm starting to get my feet solid on the ground for the first time in my life.  I'm very proud of myself.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blogging - Harder than it seems

Blogging Short-Forms

Mmmmk.  I sorta fail at this, so I'm gonna do it this way, while I get everything organized.  By the way, doesn't she look tiny in that chair?

  • My Recipe (First time I've ever cooked chicken, and used a barbecue.  Recipe and pictures)
  • Jubilee and Charlie (a story about two friends)
  • Jubilee and Edgar (Edgar finally has a playmate)
  • My mental health (New pills, are they working?)
  • Cleaning House (Why something as simple as cleaning, turns me crazy)
  • Jubilee Out in Public (She now has paper work!)
  • Jubilee At the Vet (Too Young for Shots)

These stories are all what happened this week, and will be posted and finished by Sunday.  

My Recipe (complete)

  • Why I decided to cook the chicken breasts for my friends
  • Rough ingredients that I used
  • How I cooked it using seasoned boiling water, then barbecue
  • Pictures of the process
  • The amazing thing about Krafts salad dressing
  • My dads words of wisdom 'You can turn any meal into gourmet by knowing how to use spices correctly'
  • Why I'm so proud  I made it by myself. (IE. lesson I learned)

Jubilee and Charlie

  •  60 pound Australian Cattle Dog/Alaskan Husky Cross vs. 1.1 pound kitten
  • Friendship Made in Heaven
  • Short video clip of them playing
  • Charlie the Gentle Giant

Jubilee and Edgar

  •  Gentle Siamese
  • How They Play
  • No Longer Being Attacked By Edgar!
  • Best Friends

My Mental Health

  •  Lesson Of the Week
  • New Medications
  • Improving but Behind
  • How Jubilee is Changing my Life
  • Where I need Improvement
  • The Fact I'm Improving!

Out In Public

  • Jubilee Ms. Popular
  • Learning How To Stay In The Bag
  • Public Relations
  • Miss Puffy Poof (Getting her used to other animals)
  • My Parrot
Jubilee's First Visit to the Vet
  • Why I chose Bear Creek Animal Clinic
  • Too Young for Shots
  • DeWormed
  • Dr. Lee
This is only a form to help me keep track of what happened this week, so I can write about them.  I know it's going to be a lot of posts, and perhaps - this might work best for me.  I think this is a good way to keep me busy on Friday evenings when Chris goes to DnD.

Please feel free to leave comments, helpful tips and well wishes.  Thank you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I Choose Who I Let In - Including Doctors.

I have a good habit of doing this.  When I want to talk to someone about a subject, I usually go straight to the point and find the person I want to talk to.  There's a problem though - I've done this a lot, and have been laughed at a lot.  Rather than being overly embarressed, I want to learn from it.

It's the long weekend, and my cats need their shots.  If I go to any animal clinic, it's Bear's Creek.  Why?

I wanted to share this story with them.  I want them to be part of our lives, and I want them to experience the unique bond I have with Jubilee.  I decided that I was going to give them a history of how I got here.  This is what I wrote.  It's been emailed, so if I sound like an idiot, it's nearly 5 a.m. and I'm not scared or embarrassed.  I just hope they're nice and not make fun of me.  :)

To Bear Creek Animal Clinic,

I have a very special story to tell, and the best part is, this is only the very first chapters of life unfolding.  I'm training a kitten as a life long 24/7 working companion.

I would like to tell you a bit about myself, and how I got to this point in my journey.

Since I was around 14, I was diagnosed with high risk depression.  For over a decade, I have been fighting this disease.  I am among the small percentage who are actually missing the receptors in the brain that regulate mood.  I've been taking medications, but they only lessened the attacks.  When I turned 22, I was diagnosed with adult ADHD.  I managed, but I was left unable to work, and when I keep thinking I'm getting better, something traumatic breaks me apart.

Flash back to beginning of June.

My birthday.  I turned 25, and all I could do was cry.  I cried because I hated myself, I cried because in my mind - nothing was worth it.  My husband, who has been with me through the worst of times, kept me going, kept me strong.  I couldn't do it anymore.  I felt useless, without purpose and driving myself to the ground.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  When I was 14, I trained my dog, Logan, to go downtown with me, and to school.  Those few years were the best I had, and I miss him with all my heart.

I've trained and rehabilitated so called 'aggressive' dogs, into pet's that were balanced.  This will be relevant in a second.

Because I cared so little for myself, I let myself waste away.  I had no reason to clean my house, no reason to look after myself in anyway.  I could go days without eating, not even thinking about it.  Last Wednesday was my breaking point.

I hadn't done dishes in nearly a month, only doing enough for supper that night.  When my husband asked me to try and clean up, I broke down and cried.  It would only take 3 shots of alcohol to destroy my liver, as the medicines I'm taking double it's effect.  In other words: I wanted to kill myself, instead of doing the dishes.

It scared me shitless.

I always have emergency contacts when something goes wrong: but suicide, even suffering with Depression as long as I have - was NEVER an option.  For me to go 'oh shit, what do I do?' I went to my doctor.

Dr. Berhe has been my psychiatric doctor for the last 5 years. He has tried many times to convince me to get another working animal.  I desperately agreed, but my husband was apprehensive.  For one, every new cat is a $250 charge, and that's a lot of money for us.  Two, our cat Edgar is a Siamese cross, and hasn't been around other cats.  Friday though, he gave me a kitten. The introduction with Edgar - you couldn't ask for better.  Love at first sight.  It's unusual such an aggressive breed welcome the stranger.  

He would have loved to give me a dog, but I live in a one bedroom apartment that doesn't allow dogs.  Plus, a kitten as a working animal?  Can it be done?  Why not.  I'm going to ask Dr. Berhe to call my apartments and try and get the fee lifted, if not, we have the money to pay it.  

Jubilee is more than just a 'pet' cat that I get to take everywhere.  She is my teacher of everything I have been trying to put together.  She's the REASON I have to live, so that I can take care of her, and give her a life of adventure and companionship.  I want her to live her life in a way most cats can never experience, all the while learning things like manners, signals, boundaries and live a life of wonder.  

I also know that I have to change who I am, in order to achieve that goal.  Here's a few things that I'm already doing with her.

She has a ferret vest and leash - when it goes on, it means she's going out, and needs to be in her bag.  (large messenger bag)
When the flap is over her, it means it's time to go and she needs to stay.
If a stranger wants to pet her, I either pass her myself, or she has to paw gently for permission (to the person.  That's working already)
I'm potty training her to tell me when she needs out, or a cat box, and keeping track. So far so good.
Leash boundary trained.  She can try to pull, but when the leash is on, she needs to stay close to me.

This experience has quite a few side-effects already.

This is her blog, detailing the process as it goes.  I have a lot of work to do, but I'm hoping to spread awareness.  I have a lot of ultimate goals that would mean the world to me, but I know I need to start small.

The first thing: cat's can be trained to do a dogs job.
The second thing: You can train older cats - Edgar goes for nightly walks.  If he's been behaving, and coming when called he gets to roam our courtyard freely.  He's been learning that if he goes past a certain point, or ignore my calls - I pick up the leash and he get's walked back to the apartment, even if that cuts his time short.  I've only been doing this for a few weeks, and he's very obedient.
The third thing: I'm learning how to express myself during episodes, and becoming brave enough to say out loud issues that I never speak about.  My two abortions, despite it saving my life both times, I finally said "This is what happened when I lost 20 something pounds in 5 weeks.  This is what I lost my friends for."  
I found a voice I didn't know I had.  I want people to read my articles, and cry as I cried writing the words.  I want people to have a dream, and truly believe it can come true.  It's 4:15 a.m. and I want to share this with you.

Why?  Because if you have the space - I want your clinic to be Jubilee's and Edgar's.  You took care of my dog Logan when he was horrifically neglected by my family, and you showed compassion when my husband took his sick cat in to be put down.  You were the first to answer my questions with a smile and kind words when I asked questions about life as a vet, and you calmed me down when I brought Logan in after he got in a fight.  You were the name my best friend Anne told me to go, without knowing the help you have already given me.

Both my cat's need their shots.  Edgar is mostly an indoor cat, but Jubilee will be out in public every day, and meeting new people and animals.  I'm estimating she's about 6 weeks old, give or take.  Edgar is 3, roughly about 20 pounds, a little overweight, but not obese - he's just very solid.  He came from petland (though I acquired him second hand) and was fixed at a young age.

Please get back to me as soon as you can.

If you feel the need to: Dr. Berhe's number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

Your's Truly
Tanis Wuttunee-Belleau

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Episode.

There will be doubts and fears.  It's how life teaches us to grow.  I'm scared and overwhelmed by the responsibility of the little life I brought home.  I'm not sure if I'm doing the right things for her.  I don't, or rather, didn't know even how to play with her.

Chris, my husband (common-law) took her leash and told me to wiggle it.  She chased it and I laughed.  It made me smile, despite my inner turmoil.  I was worried she wouldn't love me, or that she wouldn't enjoy going out.  I was destroying myself again.

Chris, as always, sharp as a whip.  Ordered food (not pizza this time, yay!), made me some tea and had me take my meds.  Apparently haven't done so in three days.

When he was out of sight though, I did something.

I wrote "Fuck Me Dead" on my scar.  You can't see it in the picture, I assure you it's there.  August 2008, I fell off a horse and broke both my wrists.
My left arm, from the base of my palm to about 6 inches down has a long scar down it.  A plate to keep my bones in place, as I cracked and misaligned several bones in the wrist.

I took my buck knife, placed it over the words and scar and pressed.  No blood, the pain and fear kept me from letting the blade bite in.  I am not well.  I am not sure how to get better.  I'm still afraid I'm making a mistake, that I'm not thinking everything through.  Edgar doesn't let me out of his sight.  Jubie is unaware of my turmoil.

I'm so far from where I need to be.  I'm asking too much from such a small life.  I want to give her an incredible life.  I refuse to lose sight of that.  I want to live.  I want to live!  Everything is so hard.  I know my friends and family love me, but I hate myself.  I hate who I am.  I have so much promise and strength, but my brain... my brain hurts!

Jubilee is the closest thing I have to a child.  I have nearly died twice from becoming pregnant.  Both times, I was less than 5 weeks along.  I couldn't eat or drink, and throwing up constantly.  I felt like a failure, like a broken tool.  We told my parents and my younger brother.  We did our best to hide it from everyone else.  The choice was simple: I had to live.  I lost friends because of it and we were too ashamed to tell his family.

This kitten is not a child, nor will she ever be anything but a cat.  A cat is merely an opportunist, my husband said.  She might just be a cat, but animals can do extraordinary things. I can't change her what she's not.  Instead, I want to know how she can grow and still be who she is.  I want to learn from her, while healing from the scars of yesterday.


This was handwritten earlier, I wanted to show my friends what an episode was.  It's a time when this happens, I don't know anything else but pain.  I decided to write it down, and share it.  Please, don't be afraid to comment, and share your stories.
(Answer some questions before it gets flooded, if it does.)
I am fine now.
Yes, I've had two abortions, both times to save my life.  In less than 5 weeks, I went from 135 pounds, to around 86. 
I'm using a IUD
They refuse to tie my tubes because of my age, despite being at high risk for this happening a third time.

Bright Story of the Day

Copyright to Tanis W.B 2012

Edgar and Jubileen.

I couldn't keep her in the kennel last night.  I felt horrible, I know she's a cat, but even Edgar doesn't sleep totally alone either.  She's so small, I wanted her there for the night to keep her safe.  I didn't want to hurt her by accident if I rolled around in bed, and the house isn't kitten proofed completely yet.  Instead, I came up with a brilliant plan. 

Rather simple actually.  Our heater's run along the wall, and were the perfect height to wedge the laundry basket between the wall and the bed, without worry of slipping.  So, that's what I did.  I put the clothes I wore yesterday to make it a bed, and she slept there all night beside me.  It was a perfect, and Edgar could sleep in peace knowing where she was.

Safe, secure and close by, she slept the entire night.  Edgar tried to pry the gate open to let her out, and was crying horribly when she was in her crate - hence the other reason why I needed a better plan.  After the laundry basket, he was perfect.  This morning, he actually wanted to play with her.

It was comical really.  Eddie is about 20 pounds, give or take.  He's not fat, he's just... huge.  Jubie, as she's being called, is maybe a pound.  I'm still astounded at how gentle he is with her.  Even when annoyed, his swats were merely tender corrections.  Last night, he cleaned her bum after using the kitty box.

Edgar goes for walks roughly once every other day, more or less depending on weather.  Took him out last night, and he was calm and enjoying the cool grass of the evening.  He didn't want to stay out for long though, which is very unusual for him.

These were taken last week I believe, and he's a very handsome ticked-red tabby.  His mother was a pure-bred Siamese, and his father was a stray.  He is the perfect mix of the two.  After his walk, I carried him up the stairs (they're meant for really muddy boots, and very harsh on small paws) and the first thing he did was go straight for Jubie and start grooming her.

Whenever Jubie goes into a different room, he lays on the other side, watching her contently.  Edgar, like most Siamese, is a guard cat.  I once left the door open, and instead of running out - he snarled at anyone who went past the door for 5 hours.  People who come in, are usually met with a quick sniff, maybe a scratch behind the ear, and he lays down where he can see them, but they can't reach him.  New people are told not to rush up to him, and only pet him if he approaches you.  He's not fat, he's just HUGE, and he has bitten someone who didn't listen.

Bringing home Jubie was a big risk.  We didn't know how he would feel about this kitten, but our fears were met with a truth of a fairy tale.  Not one hiss, not one spit.  Cautious, yes - but not at all threatening.  I refuse to leave them home unattended, but not for the same reason as before.  Now it's just I don't want her getting into something she can't get out of.

Edgar has proven me so wrong about male cats.  He has been fixed since he her size (a girl bought him at Petland 3 year's ago, and they fixed the kittens at roughly 8 weeks old), and he's treating her like his own.  I managed to snag this picture when I put her in his 'bed' for an afternoon nap today.

He didn't stay very long, but long enough for me to grab my camera, and take a few photo's.  We can't use that drawer for clothes since we moved here last year, he's since claimed it as his bed.  For him to be willing to share, even if it was only a few moments - was tear jerking at his ability to accept his new friend.

They greet nose-to-nose and act like they've known each other for years.  Edgar will always have a place in my heart, and  I plan on making sure that this union isn't broken.

This was my happy story of the day.

Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about you and your precious fur babies, and how they've made you smile today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How a Kitten Changed My Life

This is Jubilee.  She was a gift from my doctor yesterday as a 24/7 working animal, to help my depression and social anxiety.  She's approximately 5 weeks old, at least - which is VERY young.  I often get very angry when I see people give kittens away this young.  However; because she will be with me every day, and going places like shopping centers - she needs a lot of training.  Start them young.

Right now, she's having a nap on the couch, while Edgar - my Siamese cross - is watching from the boot room.  I've had her for 24 hours now, and she's already changing my life.

I smoke.  A lot.  When I have her in my arms, and with how tiny she is - I refuse to smoke with her.  If I really need one, I put her down or in her kennel to keep her out of trouble.  I won't smoke inside, and been using the patio.

She is absolutely beautiful,  a big M on her forehead, and two black eye liner stripes.  Her nose is bright pink and a little black, and her eyes aren't fully changed yet.  I'm taking a guess and saying that they're going to change green.  She's very small, about the size of my hand, adventurous and very brave.  She LOVES car rides, and perches up on my shoulder like a parrot, watching the world go by.  Loud noises, music, bumps - nothing fazes her.  Even coming across a 25 pound cat, and a monster of a dog?  Pssh, no fear at all. 

My friend who I spent the day and night with, has a 60 pound Blue Heeler/Husky, and neither of them paid any mind.  Charlie, the dog, followed her around like she was a puppy, and keeping her in my boundry zone.  Poor dog, he wanted to stay upstairs with me and Jubilee, but like any baby, she was waking up every few hours and chewing on his ears.  He eventually went downstairs to get some actual sleep.  I wasn't so lucky.

I've been keeping track of her eating, drinking, sleeping and bathroom breaks.  My ideal goal is to potty train her using a very special method.

Take a plastic shopping bag.
Put 1 cup of cat litter
Put her in the bag (SAFELY!!!!) and try to get her to use it.

Eventually what this will mean, when she's out in public, she can let me know she needs to go outside, I put a already made bag on the ground, she uses it - I pick it up and throw it away.

If this works, it will be a huge success story.

This cat is saving my life.  She's given me such purpose.  This blog is devoted to her, and her life with me.  I ask that you join me, and if you can spare anything - please donate to help me pay for her vet bills.  I want to have her spayed when she's around 6 months old, as well as make a donation pot for Pups Behind Bars.  More about that in a different blog.

There will be small updates daily, and articles about her life, and her story frequently.  I encourage you to follow me, and help me create awareness for this special niche in the Working Animal industry.

I found my cure.